Schedule of Events

Topics, presenters and timing subject to change.

Friday, September 7th

  • 5:30PM

    VIP check-in at W Chicago – Lakeshore

  • 6:30PM

    VIP dinner at CURRENT

    Dinner will feature a custom menu crafted for THRIVE

  • 8:30PM

    Yoga Nidra

    Presented by: Mia Park

    Yoga nidra is referred to as “yogic sleep”, “dynamic sleep” or “psychic sleep” where you learn to relax consciously. In yoga nidra, the body, mind and intellect are completely relaxed and one appears to be sleeping. In the state of yoga nidra, however, the consciousness functions at a deeper level and the subconscious and unconscious realms of the mind are more open. Yoga nidra is a very deep form of relaxation and has been found to reduce tension, anxiety and headaches and is used to help soldiers with PTSD.

Saturday, September 8th

  • 7:00AM

    Yoga to Thrive w/Mar

    Presented by: Mar

    When we thrive we prosper. We are flourishing, blossoming, growing vigorously and living our life with clarity. This class is designed to encourage you to look deeper into your ability to thrive – and to prep you physically for the day ahead. Let’s move the body in dynamic ways to open our hearts, surrender to the physical and make space in our minds through the practice.

  • 8:00AM

    Check-in and Breakfast

  • 8:45AM


  • 9:00AM

    Intention Setting

    Presented by: Anna Toonk

    Let’s begin the day getting clear on how to attract the energy you desire for today’s experience. We’ll discuss what an intention is and the difference between intentions and affirmations, and how to guide yourself throughout the day to honor intention. After some intention talk, we will take a moment to set our intentions for the day.

  • 10:00AM

    Breakout Session - Choice of:

      Navigating Life Transitions
      Presented by: 
      Sadie Bjornstad
      Sadie Bjornstad, Founder of Exes Onward, leads a session about a fresh approach to challenging life changes. Change is hard, and we all experience it in some form throughout our lives. Even thinking about a big change can be equally stressful and exhilarating. Sometimes, you don’t have a choice in the matter. Separation, Death of a loved one, Divorce, Changing Careers…these transitions are traditionally looked at with disdain and stigma. But what if we can approach it differently? In this session, Sadietakes an enlightening approach by laying out techniques and tools you can use to navigate through these transitions with a healthier mindset.

      Workshop overview: Each of the 3 areas will have a short intro and an interactive element for those in attendance to work through.

      • Identifying the Need for Change
      • Finding the courage and confidence to navigate through
      • Owning your next chapter
      Glow Yoga
      Presented by:  Caitlin Coan
      Glow Yoga is an all levels (mainly beginner/level 1) yoga class that is casual, upbeat and fun. Alexandra encourages all levels to laugh, enjoy the music & have fun! It is a vinyasa style flow class and to end we have a restorative relaxing savasana.
      Mental Muscle: Using the Power of Meditation to Strengthen the Soul
      Presented by: 
      In this workshop Rashidat will discuss the importance of slowing down the mental and physical chatter, how to begin meditating along with direct and indirect effects on the entire body of a daily meditation practice. She will also guide the audience with an experiential mind and soulfulness meditation.
  • 11:00AM

    Breakout Session - Choice of:

      Settle Your Sh*t: An Introductory Mindfulness Workshop for Stress and Anxiety
      Presented by:
      Dorie Silverman
      Stress, anxiety and worry in our current everyday lives can leave us feeling exhausted, fed up and perhaps even sick. The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are clear and even scientifically proven—yet there are a million reasons people avoid this healing practice, causing them to miss out on a truly positive, holistic experience for the mind and body.

      If you are experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, chronic worry, mysterious pain, exhaustion or fatigue, are feeling stuck, disconnected from other people or unfulfilled in life, this workshop may be just what you need! Building a strong foundation in your nervous system is key, and this is just what mindfulness and meditation can do for you. In this experiential workshop, we will explore:

      • Understanding what anxiety and stress are, and learn how stress and relaxation work in your nervous system
      • Feeling at ease in your body while simultaneously living a productive life
      • Dispelling the myths of meditation and mindfulness
      • Discovering at least two mindfulness tools you can start integrating into your life TODAY!
      Food as Medicine: Healing Your Body
      Presented by: 
      Sheila Petersen
      Sheila Petersen, Founder of lovechange, joins us to support you in discovering or rediscovering your passion and purpose to live with intention. Learn how the food on and off your plate can best benefit your mind, body and soul. You will walk away with powerful tools that you can implement right away. You’ll uncover the connections, the excuses and the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living your best life. We will reframe them together and create an action plan that gets you closer to thriving instead of just surviving. Sheila’s perspective is unique, positive and refreshing. Empowering You To Embrace Change & Break Through To The True You!
      Reiki Workshop
      Presented by:
       Anna Toonk
      Energy healing encompasses many different modalities, one of which is Reiki. Reiki is “universal life force energy”, and intuitive medicine. We will discuss what that means, what reiki can and can’t do, and participants will get to receive reiki.
  • 12:00PM

    Lunch and Activities

  • 1:15PM

    Zero Waste at Home and on the Go

    Presented by: Max LaManna

    Utilize different parts of food that would otherwise been thrown away and make delicious meals with limited ingredients.

  • 2:15PM

    Breakout Session - Choice of:

      Order in the Mind: The Key to Decluttering Your Mind to create Success
      Presented by:
      Mary Vivian
      How often are you hijacked by a barrage of thoughts or worries creating unwanted stress in your life? Peace and calmness of mind is a precious commodity in today’s high stressed world. Bringing order to your mind doesn’t mean quieting your mind in the way most people think. It’s becoming aware of your thoughts…that’s the magic and the key! It is about actively and deliberately changing your thoughts so you can create the life you want! Join Mary as she guides you through the importance of having positive and productive thoughts and remove those random and chaotic thoughts for transformation unlike any other as you develop Order In Your Mind and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of! http://maryvivian.com
      The Narrative Body Workshop
      Presented by:
       Karla Beltchenko
      We are all familiar with the phrase “Actions speak louder than words.” So why don’t we place more value on the power of nonverbal communication? Our body language tends to be an outward expression of our innermost thoughts, feeling and emotions. We believe the first and most important step to becoming a better nonverbal communicator is bringing awareness to our own nonverbal habits and tendencies. In this workshop we will focus on the pillar of “self-awareness” as we explore the physical and psychological implications of nonverbal behavior and how you can use this tool to influence your inner and outer narrative.
      The Five Elements: Pathways and Pressure Points
      Presented by: 
      Ashley Flores – Four Flowers Wellness
      In Eastern Medicine, the concept of the five elements (Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water) is used to simplify seemingly complex patterns in the body-mind-spirit and help us understand our connection to the natural world. In this workshop, we will learn about each of the five elements and how they can manifest in people’s lives and health. We will look at the pathways associated with each element and practice a few pressure points that can be easily incorporated into a daily self-care routine or used when common complaints arise.
  • 3:15PM

    High On Heart: A HeartRise Activation

    Presented by: Jessie May

    For those that have not experienced Jessie May in action, it’s like watching magic come to life. Jessie May’s luminous presence has made a global impact, empowering communities and individuals ready to make meaningful change.

    Where you long to be recognized is where you’re being called to shine. When you really allow yourself to be who you are, there’s a freedom and a resonance that radiates from within. It speaks in a language of energy beyond words. An aliveness that’s born in your heart, and can be felt by all.

    Jessie May, Founder of the HeartRise Movement, joins us to lead this powerful, playful talk and activation for entrepreneurs, changemakers and passionate souls. Learn to access your Radiant, Integral, Soul Energy (R.I.S.E) – the electricity of the human heart – with her signature HeartRise Method. This modern approach rewires the mind and repurposes stuck energy as fuel through the heart’s electromagnetic field. Once ignited your radiance is contagious.

    Her heartfelt message and method will move and empower your potential like never before!

    Come get HIGH ON HEART!

  • 4:00PM

    Farewell Cocktails in Living Room Bar